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How do I download and install ProVideoPlayer 2?
Posted by Renewed Vision Support on November 04, 2013 at 03:18 PM
Updated by Renewed Vision Support on Feb 1, 2017

ProVideoPlayer 2 can be downloaded by visiting our Download Center and going to the ProVideoPlayer page. You can also go directly to this page using this link. From the Downloads page, click on "Download Now".

PVP 2 Download Page


After th PVP 2 disk image downloads, open it from your Downloads folder in the Finder, or your browser's downloads list. You will need to agree to the EULA first. Drag the PVP 2 icon into the Applications folder icon.



You can now eject the disk image. Remember, you don't want to run the program from here. You can eject the disk image by dragging the icon that mounted on your Desktop to the Trash in your Dock or by clicking the Eject button in Finder.

Open your Applications folder in the Finder, locate ProVideoPlayer 2, and double-click to open the program. The first time it opens you will need to confirm that you want to open the program since it was downloaded from the Internet.

If you prefer to not have to launch the program from your Applications folder every time, right-click (or Control-click) on the icon in your Dock and choose Options>Keep In Dock so that it is always available from the Dock.