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What can I sync with Planning Center Online?
Posted by Renewed Vision Support on March 01, 2016 at 03:39 PM
Updated by Renewed Vision Support on Mar 1, 2016

Planning Center Online and ProPresenter's integration is convenient for helping multiple people work on the service order at the same time, but it can also get a little confusing as you add more elements to your service order.

Let's take a look at the available options first. Open ProPresenter's Preferences and go to the Services tab. Log into your Planning Center account if you haven't done so already. Below your account info are six options that you can select. For this article, we are only going to focus on Automatically Upload Documents and Media and Automatically Download Documents and Media.

Automatically Upload Documents and Media

If your service plan has a Media cue in it, you can link media files to those Items and upload the images or videos to your PCO account. Keep in mind that storage is limited within PCO, so if you have a small plan, you may not want to enable this option or you may want to add media after unlinking the presentation from Planning Center. You can read more about the storage amounts and storage upgrade costs here and here.

Automatically Download Documents and Media

If you have a plan item that already has a linked ProPresenter document or media cue, it can be downloaded to your computer.


Let's look at a very basic plan. This one includes one song and one media cue. The highlighted column shows that there are no attachments currently available for either item.

This service plan has been added to ProPresenter and the Test Song is ready to have a document linked to it. When you click on Link... you will get a drop zone, like the one shown below Test Song in the image below. You can drag any document from your Library into this drop zone. Media cues are more generic, and can support a document or media cue. For our purposes, we will be adding a media cue eventually.

The next step is to link a song and media cue in ProPresenter so that it can be uploaded to ProPresenter. To do this, click the Link button then drag the document and media cue to their respective PCO cues. With Contiguous mode enabled on the playlist, it will look something like this.

Since ProPresenter is configured to upload the document and media cues automatically, they are immediately uploaded to PCO. You can confirm if an item has been attached by going back to your service plan online and hovering over the attachment icon.

Media that is part of a presentation (backgrounds, foregrounds, or slide objects) are not uploaded to Planning Center. If you have media linked to presentations that does not exist on each computer, those media cues will not be synced between each computer. Since we are only able to upload the document file and not a bundle file, we have no way of including those cues right now.

PowerPoint and Keynote files are not supported inside PCO playlists, so you would need to unlink the PCO playlist by right-clicking and selecting Convert to Non-PCO before you can add one of these to the playlist.