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Where did the Palindrome setting go?
Posted by Renewed Vision Support on March 24, 2016 at 11:09 AM
Updated by Renewed Vision Support on Sep 27, 2017

The Palindrome feature that was in ProPresenter 5 and earlier versions has been replaced by Soft Loop in ProPresenter 6. Instead of your videos playing backwards with Palindrome, the Soft Loop feature will blend a few frames at the beginning and end of the video so that it loops seamlessly. This is especially useful on videos that don't have matching in and out points and result in a sudden change on screen when the video looped.

Soft Loop is available on both Mac and Windows in ProPresenter 6. To use it, right-click on the video in the Video/Image Bin or in the Cue Inspector and select Soft Loop from the playback options.

The three examples below demonstrate the differences.

1. Palindrome in ProPresenter 5

2. Regular looping in ProPresenter 6

3. Soft Loop in ProPresenter 6