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Using timecode to control ProVideoPlayer
Posted by Renewed Vision Support on March 25, 2016 at 01:16 PM
Updated by Renewed Vision Support on Aug 8, 2016

Beginning with ProVideoPlayer 2, 2.1.1, you can control a playlist using software or hardware that generates Linear Timecode (LTC). Since configuring and using timecode is a more advanced setup, we are assuming that you already have a basic understanding of calculating timecode values and generating the signal. This article is focused only on setting up PVP2 to be controlled by timecode.

To get started, you'll need to add a new Timecode Playlist. Click the menu in the lower left corner and select New Timecode Playlist. Standard playlists don't support timecode, so you will need to use this playlist type in order for timecode to work.

At the top of the new playlist, select the source for your audio input. This can be an internal or external source depending on your setup. In most cases, it will likely be an external source connected via a USB audio adapter. However, there is software that can be used to route an internal source if you are using a program on the same computer to generate the timecode.

Timecode playlists will only support video files. Still images are not supported. To add media, you can drag it directly from your Library or an existing Playlist, you can click the Add Media button at the bottom of the playlist, or you can drag files directly from Finder.

Once your media has been added to the playlist, you can assign each clip to a Layer. You will also be able to set the timecode value for each video.

You can add Clear Layers to your playlist by clicking on the Add button at the bottom of the playlist. It can be assigned to any layer and triggered by timecode the same way a media cue can.


Media in a timecode playlist supports cue effects, but you will need to right-click and open the Media Cue Inspector to modifie the effects. Dragging from the effects list on the right-side of the program does not work in a Timecode Playlist.


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