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Can I play a PowerPoint or Keynote file in ProPresenter?
Posted by Renewed Vision Support on January 26, 2011 at 12:09 AM
Updated by Renewed Vision Support on Aug 13, 2015

Both ProPresenter 4 and 5 (Mac and Windows) are capable of converting PowerPoint files into still images or ProPresenter files as long as you have the correct version of PowerPoint installed. Converting a presentation removes all layers and animations from the PowerPoint file.

The supported versions of PowerPoint are:

Mac with 10.6.x or earlier: PowerPoint 2008 or PowerPoint 2011.

Mac with 10.7.x: PowerPoint 2011 only.

Windows XP/Vista/Win7: PowerPoint 2007 or newer.

A full version of PowerPoint is required in order to convert presentations and to play them back with native settings.

ProPresenter for Mac doesn't directly support playback of native PowerPoint files. However, you can drag these files into a playlist and create a trigger for the presentation. This will launch PowerPoint outside of ProPresenter and enable Presenter View for your presentation. Just switch back to ProPresenter when you're done with the presentation.

ProPresenter for Windows supports a more unified native playback, but the presentation is still playing outside of ProPresenter, but does not require fully launching PowerPoint. After triggering the native presentation, use your keyboard to advance through the presentation. Clicking on the thumbnails in ProPresenter will change the focus from the PowerPoint playback controls to ProPresenter and only partial commands will be sent to PowerPoint.

Keynote files are only supported in the Mac version of ProPresenter and can only be added to a playlist. There are not conversion tools available to third-party developers like us that allow for similar conversion options like we can do with PowerPoint.

To import a PowerPoint file, click on File>Import>Import PowerPoint and select the conversion option that you want to use.