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Multi-Screen Module (Advanced Module) Configuration
Posted by Renewed Vision Support on March 26, 2011 at 11:30 AM
Updated by Renewed Vision Support on Sep 22, 2017

Both the digital and analog versions of the Matrox Dual/TripleHead2Go require a software installation. All drivers can be found here. The analog version will simply install additional standard 2 or 3 wide resolutions in your "Displays" control panel unders System Preference.

The digital version will install a System Preference which will appear as a control panel item (shown below). This allows you to easily establish which resolutions will appear in the Displays control panel.



Once the appropriate Matrox software is installed and resolutions are assigned (for digital versions), it will be time to choose the resolution desired for the secondary display. It's important to remember that the Mac thinks it's just one extra wide display - it has no idea this resolution will be broken down into multiple different outputs by the Matrox device.



When you open the Displays control panel, each display will have get it's own panel to configure them individually. There's always a designated primary display. This is where the menu bar with the Apple logo will always appear by default and is usually the internal display for any Mac with a built-in LCD (iMacs, MacBooks, etc.). Two other ways to tell which is the primary verse secondary panel are Macs with interal displays will have "Color LCD" in the title bar as well as having an "Arrangement" tab (pictured above). 

DO NOT CHANGE any settings on the primary display. It is unecessary and will likely cause confusion if done. Instead, focus on the panel that should be showing on the display you want to configure. There is no standard title for the secondary display output, it's whatever the manufacturer named it (often cryptic). If you can't see it on the secondary screen, click the "Gather Now" button and it will move the panel you're looking for over to your primary display (usually behind the primary panel). 

Select the appropriate resolution in your secondary panel. There are only a few to choose from that are based on a 2 or 3 multiplier of the base resolution intended for each individual display (i.e. 640x480 per screen for a TripleHead2Go solution results in a resolution of 1920x480).

ProPresenter Multi-Screen Module Configuration (continue):


3) Configure ProPresenter

Enter the Unlock Code for the module that was keyed for this system.



Then select the appropriate preference panel for the feature you need for configuration:


  • Output Device Settings enables the play back of all output through traditional standard-definition outputs such as SDI or Firewire verses the secondary display of the computer (VGA or DVI).
  • Network Settings enables the control of ProPresenter backgrounds via a remote ProVideoPlayer (PVP) Master connected via an Ethernet local area network (LAN).
  • Multi-Screen Settings enables the enhanced support for a Matrox Dual/TripleHead2Go box when connected.


If you're trying to configure the 3 screen feature and your images do not span the three displays and/or your slides appear oddly shaped (tall and narrow), go to the "Display" preference and click on "Full Screen". Assuming your systems display preferences are set correctly above, ProPresenter will change it's resolution to match it (usually a triple wide setting of 1920x480, 2400x600, or the like).