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Master Control Module Instructions
Posted by Renewed Vision Support on May 11, 2012 at 04:41 PM
Updated by Renewed Vision Support on Aug 13, 2015

The Master Control Module allows one  ProPresenter computer to remotely trigger slides and Video/Image Bin contents of one or more networked ProPresenter Slave computers. Each Slave computer can have its own content suitable for its output, so it can be the same or different material than the Master computer. The Master Control Module works with both Mac OS X and Windows versions of ProPresenter 5.

Master Control Module is based off of something called an "index". The position of a cue within a certain index tells the Master Control Module what to trigger. In the example below, the computer on the left is the Master computer. The second playlist, and the first song in the playlist, and the seventh slide in the song is selected. Even though the Slave computer on the right has many more playlists, the same playlist, song, and slide are selected. This same logic applies to the Video/Image Bin.

The only time the above logic is different is when you are selecting presentations directly in your Library. In this case, the Master Control Module tries to find a file by the same name. If you select "Amazing Grace" from the Master computer, and "Amazing Grace" is in the Library on the Slave computer, it will load the song. However, if the song is "Amazing Grace 2", it won't be matched.

If you select a playlist, song, slide, or media cue on the Master computer and there is not a cooresponding cue on the Slave computer, the Master will work as usual, but the Slave computer will continue showing the last thing selected on that computer.

Clear actions can be triggered from the Master computer to a Slave computer, however, things like Messages, Masks, Props, and format changes are not done on all computers. 

Configuring Master Control Module

The ProPresenter computers must first be networked together. To ensure that all signals are properly sent to the Slave computers we recommend using a wired network, though a wireless network will work.

First, on each of your Slave computers, select Slave from the pulldown menu in the Master Control section. The Name will be filled in with your computer’s name and the Port will be filled in with a randomly generated port.

On your Master computer, select Master from the pulldown menu in the Master Control section. You will now see a list of any Slave computers that are found on the network.

Click the Connect button for each of the Slave computers. Optionally, you can also check the Reconnect checkbox which means that this computer will always automatically connect when it becomes available.

For more advanced configuration, you can change the Name or Port of the Slave computer by switching the Master Control pulldown menu to Off, making the necessary changes, and then switching back to Slave. If you need a custom Port, your network administrator will be able to tell you which port you can use.