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macOS Sierra and iOS 10 (updated)
Posted by Renewed Vision on July 07, 2016 at 03:16 PM

ProPresenter 6.1.1, released on September 26, includes a number of fixes specifically related to macOS Sierra. We think we've found everything that was related to changes in Sierra and that ProPresenter is now compatible. Third-party drivers for Blackmagic and Matrox have not been officially updated for Sierra yet. As with every new operating system release, we still recommend waiting until Apple releases the first software update for Sierra and testing on a non-critical computer first.

Our iOS applications should work fine in iOS 10.

ProPresenter 5 is only supported through OS X 10.10. We have created a discussion thread for anyone who wants to try it out, however we will not be updating ProPresenter 5 to support macOS Sierra.

We are currently working on certifying our other software (PVP and PVS) on Sierra. As always it is far safer to wait to update at the very least several weeks if at all possible.

It's also important to remember that many third-party device drivers may be slow in updating. If you are using a Matrox DualHead or TripleHead, it may not work at all. The same goes for the USB display adapter used for stage display.

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