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Can I get the NIV 1984 translation?

As of 2012 we are no longer allowed to distribute the 1984 NIV to new customers. Zondervan has released an updated 2011 NIV and has required us to replace the 1984 version with this newer translation.

If you previously purchased a copy of the 1984 NIV, you can continue using it. If you need to use it on additional computers, you will need to purchase new NIV licenses, but you can use the 1984 Bible file that you already have. Once you have purchased the 2011 NIV, please contact us directly so we can verify your purchase of a new license and verify that you previously owned the 1984 translation.

We understand that many of our customers have a significant investment in the 1984 NIV translation and that it is often the congregations "official" translation. We're also aware of the controversy surrounding this updated translation. While we wish we could satisfy the demands of our customers who do not wish to use the 2011 NIV or change translations, we are prevented from doing so due to our contract with Zondervan.

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