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How do I import songs from SongSelect?


ProPresenter makes it easy for you to connect to SongSelect and import songs directly into ProPresenter. Note that the use of SongSelect requires a SongSelect account; you can find out more about that here.

ProPresenter 4

If you are using ProPresenter 4 you will quickly see that SongSelect's website has changed. Once you have located the song you want to import to ProPresenter, click on the Lyrics tab, then mouse over Download. Either option will trigger the same import process into ProPresenter 4. Note that for some users this option is no longer visible inside of ProPresenter 4. We do not know why this won't show for some users; if this is happening to you then you will need to browse on their site and download the file directly.

SongSelect Website

ProPresenter 5

ProPresenter 5 includes a new search method for SongSelect that doesn't require going to their website; instead, you can search SongSelect directly from within ProPresenter. Go to View in the menubar and click on SongSelect. Search for your song and the results will be displayed below; click on the song title for a preview. You are able to search by all the same criteria that you can use on the website. Click the Import button to add a song to your library.

You can also add this search pane to your toolbar. To add it right-click on the toolbar (the bar across the top of ProPresenter with the buttons) and select Customize Toolbar, then drag the SongSelect icon to the toolbar.

SongSelect Interface

ProPresenter 6

In addition to ProPresenter 5's SongSelect search pane, ProPresenter 6 has added a new way to search for SongSelect results right in your Library. Make sure that this feature is turned on by clicking on the gear icon to the right of the search bar in the library. Once it is turned on simply do a search in the library and the SongSelect search results will appear below your library search results. Click on a song to import it and you are good to go.

SongSelect in ProPresenter 6

All Versions

The search field allows you to search by a number of variables, but the most common are CCLI #, Author, Title, and keywords. Once you have a list of results, you can click on any result to see the lyrics to the side to ensure you have the correct song. Once you have the song you want to import selected, click the Import button and follow the rest of the prompts to add it to your Library.

SongSelect Search Results

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