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How do transitions work and where do I enable them?

There are three slide transition options and two media transition options. Presentation Transitions apply to anything that you add in the Slide Editor. Generally this is just going to be text/lyrics, but it can include other slide objects as well. Media Transitions apply to any Background or Foreground. This does not include media objects that you add in the Slide Editor.


Presentation Transitions

Presentation Transitions can be applied Globally, to a Document, or on a Slide.

  • Global Transitions: These transitions apply to all Documents in the Library and affect every slide.
  • Document Transitions: These transitions get used before a Global Transition. If you set a Document transition, then that is the transition that will be used for that particular presentation. This transition will not affect other presentations.
  • Slide Transitions: These transitions are applied to individual slides within a presentation. These transitions override the other transitions, but only on the slide they are set for. The rest of the presentation will use the Document or Global Transition.

Media Transitions

Media Transitions are typically applied Globally, but can be set for individual clips. The Media Transition is enabled at the bottom of the Video/Image Bin. Even if you drag a file from your file browser directly into ProPresenter, into either a Playlist or a Presentation, the file will still be controlled by this transition. Media Transitions are not limited to items in the Video/Image Bin. If you want to change the transition on a specific media cue, right-click and select Media Properties, and select the transition you want to use.

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