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Can PVP 2 control the Video/Image Bin in ProPresenter like PVP 1 can?

Nope, but that's OK because we've actually improved on that process to give you even more flexibility with how the two programs interact. Rather than having to plan everything out and make sure your media all lined up between ProPresenter and PVP 1, you can now just grab the text stream from ProPresenter 5 or 6 (Mac AND Windows) and use it as a layer within PVP 2.

Text Stream gives you a lot more flexibility than the other method of controlling ProPresenter's media. By pulling the text layer from ProPresenter slides into PVP 2, you can place the text anywhere, on any screen, as many times as you want. This means if you want to create a massive video wall and have your lyrics showing across all of the screens, you can do that without having to put together a much more complicated system of hardware to achieve that look.

To learn more about Text Stream, watch this tutorial video.

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