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How do I set up ProVideoPlayer 2 in an unmonitored installation to run 24/7?

If you are running PVP2 as part of an unmonitored installation, such as a video wall, digital signage, or kiosk, there are a number steps you should take both to ensure that the computer itself stays up and that ProVideoPlayer 2 should recover gracefully in the event of a loss of power, malfunction, or any other unforeseen circumstance.  

The first step is in setting up your Mac for a graceful recovery:

  1. Set up TWO user accounts, one as an administrator, the other as a regular user. Do all of the following to the regular user account. The administrator account is available in case of an emergency.
  2. Open System Preferences, select Desktop & Screen Saver. On the Screen Saver tab, set the "Start after" time to "Never".
  3. Go back to the main System Preference screen and select Energy Saver. In the Energy control panel:
    1. Set Computer sleep to "Never".
    2. Set Display sleep to "Never".
    3. Uncheck the box next to "Put the hard disk to sleep when possible".
    4. Check the box for "Wake for network access".
    5. Check the box next to "Start up automatically after a power failure".
  4. Set your resolution to the appropriate resolution for your output device
  5. Remove any extra application icons from your Dock and set the Dock to hide.
  6. Set IP address to an appropriate number (192.168.1.[1-9] with a subnet mask of; no router address is necessary.
    1. Open Network from System Preferences.
    2. Select Ethernet from the list on the left. We recommend doing this with a wired network, not wi-fi.
    3. Select Manually from the Configure IPv4 drop-down on the right.
    4. Enter the above information and then click Apply.
  7. Turn on Apple Remote Desktop access with VNC support under "Sharing"
  8. Name the machine appropriately in "Sharing", usually <Project Name> [1-10]
  9. From the main System Preference screen, select Bluetooth. Uncheck On and Discoverable. You will need to use a wired mouse and keyboard, or use screen sharing.
  10. From the main System Preference screen, select Software Update to update all system software on the machine. You only need to install OS X updates. After installing updated, uncheck the options to automatically check and install updates. You will need to manually check for updates in the future.
  11. OPTIONAL for more space - Delete any unnecessary applications on the machine if desired
  12. OPTIONAL for more space - Run Monolingual if you want to reclaim some space. It can be found at (if desired)
  13. The next step is to launch ProVideoPlayer in a manner that will relaunch the application in the event that it should crash for any reason. What is important to remember here is that you do not want to set up ProVideoPlayer to launch at start. Instead, we've created a simple application that launches and monitors ProVideoPlayer and, in the event of a crash, will automatically restart it. As such, you should set the launcher app as your startup application on login. The launcher application is looking for the "ProVideoPlayer 2" application within the Applications directory. To install the launcher, download it from here, and run the AppleScript file that is extracted. This will launch PVP 2 and show the launcher in your Dock. Right-click on the launcher and select Options>Launch At Startup.
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