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How do I uninstall ProPresenter 6 from my Mac (OS X)?


The instructions below are for a full uninstallation of ProPresenter 6, including all user data and associated files. The steps listed will leave the Renewed Vision folders intact, ensuring you don't affect any previous versions of ProPresenter that you may be leaving installed. If ProPresenter 6 is the only version installed, you can delete the Renewed Vision directories as well.

If you are simply troubleshooting something, do not delete a particular file or folder, just rename the item so that it's in the same directory and easy to restore or delete later. You may also want to just create a new user account to test your issues in. ProPresenter is available to all users if you installed it in the default location, but all of the other data is maintained within each user account. Creating a new user account will give you a fresh set of data to test with, and saves you the trouble of going through all of the steps individually.

To access each of these, open a new Finder window and press Command-Shift-G. You will see this window when you do this.

Copy/paste the Location path listed (the entire line listed in red), including the tilde (~) at the beginning of some of the locations, then paste it into the path box and click Go.

The tilde defines the difference between a User-level location vs a hard drive-level (all users) folder and is important in order to locate the right info. If you have changed your path for the Application Data or Media Repository, you'll have to locate those in the appropriate locations for your settings.

For example:

~/Library/Preferences and /Library/Preferences look similar, but one is for your user account and the other is for the system folder. We store our Preference data for each user, so you would use the path with the ~ to get into your user folder.


Location: /Library/Application Support/RenewedVision
Action: Deactivate the Bibles in ProPresenter 6. This is located in Bibles, click the gear icon, then deactivate installed Bibles.
Action: Delete the RVBibles folder. "Bibles" is for ProPresenter 5 and earlier.

Location: In ProPresenter 6, under Preferences> Modules
Action: Click Deactivate next to each installed module so that you can activate it on another computer.

Registration Data
Location: In ProPresenter 6, click on the ProPresenter 6 menu and then on Registration.
Action: Click the Unregister button.

Location: /Library/Application Support/RenewedVision
Action: Delete the ProPresenter6 folder.

Location: ~/Library/Preferences
Action: Delete the folder named com.renewedvision.ProPresenter6
Action: Delete the file named com.renewedvision.ProPresenter6.plist
Action: Delete the file named com.renewedvision.ProPresenter6.LSSharedFileList.plist (If you don't see this one, that's OK.)

Application Data

Location: ~/Library/Application Support/RenewedVision
Action: Delete the ProPresenter6 folder. Rename the folder to restore it later.

Managed Media Repository
Location: /Users/Shared
Action: Delete the Renewed Vision Media folder. Rename or the move the folder to keep your media.

Location: ~/Documents
Action: Delete the ProPresenter 6 folder.

Cached data
Location: ~/Library/Caches
Location: /Library/Caches
Action: Delete the com.renewedvision.ProPresenter6 folder in both locations. Meta data used for searching the Library and Bibles are stored in these locations.

Communication Module

Location: /Library/Application Support/RenewedVision
Action: Delete the Plugins folder. 

Location: /Library/Application Support/RenewedVision
Action: Delete the RVCloudSync application.

Location: /Applications
Action: Delete the ProPresenter6 application.

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