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Changing existing Groups in a song

Group Labels are a powerful tool in ProPresenter. They help you organize the slides in a song, make it easy to setup arrangements of the song, and allows you to edit repeated slides all at once. You can read more about setting up and using Group Labels in this article.

This article is about changing the existing labels and cleaning up a song. If a song has been heavily modified, setup wrong, or you just want to start over with new slide groups, you can easily remove existing groups to start fresh.

The image below shows a song that has been entirely setup using the Master Arrangement. This results in multiple versions of some parts of the song and can be confusing if you have decided to setup a specific arrangements. In order to remove Group Labels, you have to be in the Master Arrangement. Click the Arrangement icon in the top right corner of the slide area (it's the one that looks like a flow chart) then click the gear icon to select Master.

To begin removing groups, right-click on the first slide in a group and select Ungroup. This will remove the existing group and merge it with the group before it. You can remove everything except the first group, since all slides have to be part of a group.

Once you have finished ungrouping everything, all of your slides will be part of the very first group in your song. If you want to remove this group, right-click on the first slide, then change the Group Label to "None". This will convert the slides to a generic group called "Group".

To rebuild your groups for a song, first clean up all of your slides. If you duplicated any slides you may want to remove those at this time. For example, you may have the chorus repeated three or four times in the song. IF you are going to be using Arrangements, you don't need to have the slides duplicated that many times. You can have a single instance of Chorus and repeat it as many times in an arrangement as you want.

When you begin setting new Group Labels, all slides following the new Group Label will be added to the group. It works in reverse to removing slides. As you move through the song, just add your Group Labels where you need to start a new group in the song.

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