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Installing SDI Module in ProPresenter 6

To read the full product description of the SDI Module, please visit our ProPresenter 6 product page. This article assumes you have the correct hardware and have already purchased or are demoing the module in ProPresenter 6.

This knowledgebase article will help you with activating your module if you have not already done so.

If you have not already done so, you will need to first install the Blackmagic Desktop Video Utility from the Blackmagic Support page. The software is listed in the Latest Downloads column below the Product Family grid on the Blackmagic Support page. Click the link for the Mac or Windows version of the software. You can ignore the form and just click the Download Only link at the bottom left corner of the pop-up window unless you want to register a new device. Install and then launch the software. On Windows, just search for "Blackmagic Desktop Video Utility". On Mac, it's added at the bottom of System Preferences.

Your device will show up on the window when the Desktop Video Utility opens. Click the device image to adjust your settings. 

These settings may vary depending on your device. In general, you will select the proper Video Input, set your Output Format, and uncheck the Remove Field Jitter On Pause. All other settings can be left alone unless you have been told to specifically change them by your system integrator or someone from Renewed Vision.


Once the module is activated, click on the HD-SDI button to configure the module. You will likely only have one Device listed, but if you do have more than one, select the correct one. The Mode should match your switcher and the Blackmagic Desktop Video settings in System Preferences.

You will also need to configure the Output window size so that ProPresenter can format your slides and media to the correct size. In Preferences, click on the Display tab. Uncheck the Scale to Fit Output Display option and manually enter the resolution you need to output. If you use the wrong size or leave the scaling option checked, your signal may be distorted.


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