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How do I install Bibles in ProPresenter 6?

Adding Bibles in ProPresenter 6 is a different process than what you may be familiar with if you've used previous versions of ProPresenter. You no longer have to manually download the Bible installer file and run the installer to add Bibles to ProPresenter. You can now purchase and download licensed Bibles, or download free public domain Bibles, without ever leaving ProPresenter. You can also still purchase Bibles from the Renewed Vision store, but you don't need to download anything to install them in ProPresenter 6.

To get started, click on the Bibles icon in the toolbar. This is one of the default icons and should be right in the middle of the toolbar. Since you don't have any Bibles installed yet, you will a message telling you no Bibles are installed. Click on the gear icon on the right to begin installing Bibles.

Installing Public Domain Bibles

Public domain Bibles are free since there is no longer an active copyright holder on the translation. If you are using the demo or trial version of ProPresenter, you can install one of these Bibles to get familiar with how the Bibles feature works. There is no license required for these translations. To install a public domain translation, click on the gear icon, select the Bibles option on the left, then click on the Free tab. Locate the version you want to install and click the Install button. 

The Install button will change and show the installation progress. Once it finishes, it will say Remove and be available for use right away. Click anywhere else on the screen to close the Bible list. You can install as many translations as you want. To remove a translation, come back to the screen and click the Remove button and the Bible will be uninstalled for you.

Installing Licensed Bibles

Whether you purchase your Bible translation from our website or through ProPresenter, or you have purchased a Bible in an earlier version of ProPresenter, the installation process is the same. Bible codes are linked to a specific ProPresenter order. As long as the order lines up properly in our system, your purchased Bibles should be available to install at any time.

There are some cases with users who purchased Bibles in ProPresenter 3 and ProPresenter 4 where the Bibles aren't referenced correctly. If you purchased a Bible in the past that isn't showing up, let our Customer Service team know at [email protected] and we'll look into it for you.

Any purchased Bibles should appear on the Purchased tab like in the image below. Accessing these Bibles and installing them is the same process as with public domain translations. The only difference is that you click on the Purchased tab.

Clicking the Get Bibles button will bring up the in-app store where you can purchase a new Bible license. Bible translations are licensed for individual computers. If you need the same translation on 10 computers you will need to purchase 10 licenses. The Purchased list will show multiple copies of the purchased Bible until you install a copy of it. This will be repeated on each computer, with one less Bible available on each system until you have installed every copy that you have purchased.

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