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Import options for text files and SongSelect

ProPresenter makes it easy for you to get the majority of document formatting done during the import process. By provide a few basic options to the import process, the program can create slide breaks for you, set the document size, and even format the slides with your preferred template. These options are available when importing external text files or when importing from SongSelect.

The image below shows the standard Import window. If you are importing text files, the Edit button will be different, but that will be covered later in this article.



Parsing and Delimiter may be two words that are new to you. All this means is "How do you want to break up the text you're importing?" The Delimiter is a specific set of characters that ProPresenter uses to know when to break up the text into new slides. It will automatically use the hidden return character at the end of lines and then count them based on your settings. A line return gets one character and a paragraph return has two characters. When you set your Delimiter to Line Break 2, it knows to look for two instances of the return character after two lines of text before breaking a new slide. If you do the same for Paragraph 1, it will look for the character to be repeated two times and make a new slide. If you do Paragraph 2, it will work the same as line breaks and put two paragraphs on the slide. You can also create custom symbols in your own text files if you need slides to be broken up in specific places. You would just replace the "Slides delimited by" option with your symbol and tell it how many of those you want on each slide.



The document section is where you will set the Size, Category, and Template of your new document. In general, you want the Size to be set to the same size as the output screen the document will be shown on. If you are building slides on one computer and showing on another, you can modify the Size to be the same. The Category is only used in the Library for sorting and filtering. These have no additional impact on the document. The Template option allows you to style your slides while importing them. You can use any of your pre-built tempates.


The Destination option allows you to add the document to your Library, to an existing playlist, or a new playlist. When you add a document to a playlist it is also added to your Library.

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