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How do I import my library from EasyWorship?

EasyWorship doesn't provide an easy way to export songs as a text file. This makes it difficult to convert your database from EasyWorship to ProPresenter. The previous tool that worked with older versions of EasyWorship--EasySearch--is no longer supported with EasyWorship6 and is not guaranteed to work with other versions of EasyWorship anymore. We've left those instructions below for you to try, but we don't support them and can't offer any help with the process. You'll need to read through the instructions on the EasySearch website to figure out how to use that utility.

Exporting from EasyWorship 6:

We have found one way to convert your library in EasyWorship 6, but it requires Office 365 or Word 2016, or a program that can convert a PDF to a text file. Word 2016 includes this functionality, so it is what we will be using for these instructions. This is a slow process, so we recommend converting a few songs at a time, perhaps just what you are going to be using in a particular service.

  1. Open EasyWorship 6 and add songs to a new Service.
  2. Click on File > Print > Print Schedule (Details)...
  3. In the next window that opens, click on the Save icon. Name the file and save it to your Desktop for easy access.
  4. After the file has saved, you can close the Save window and minimize EasyWorship.
  5. Right-click on the file and select Open with > Word 2016.
  6. You will see an alert that opening this file may take some time. Click OK and allow Word to process the file.
  7. Once this finish you will have a single text file that includes the songs from your service.

At this time, ProPresenter doesn't correctly parse the structure of the songs correctly. We use the CCLI text file format as the basis for our text imports, and the EasyWorship export is not based on this format. Each individual song in the document will need to be imported manually, one at a time, so that you can clean up the formatting.

To import the songs into ProPresenter, copy the song you want to import. Open ProPresenter, go to File > Import and select Import Text from Clipboard. When the Import box opens, click the Edit button in the lower left corner to open Reflow. This will allow you to clean up the song's formatting before you finish importing it into your Library in ProPresenter.


Exporting from EasyWorship 2013 or earlier:

  • EasyWorship has no simple way to export text built but there is a tool you can get that will do this for you. It's called "EasySearch" and it integrates into EasyWorship providing a function to export all songs as text.

Import into ProPresenter:

  • From the File menu, choose "Import Presentation"
  • Locate the .txt file
  • Choose "Import into Library" and select "Paragraph break"
  • Finish by clicking the Continue button and ProPresenter will import the file(s).
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