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How do I import my library from SongShow Plus?

ProPresenter is great at importing text documents (including Microsoft Word). Since there is no standard file type for song lyrics, the default is plain text in a structured format (as commonly seen in CCLI). Therefore, to import anything into ProPresenter from any other program, you first need to export all song files as text from your existing solution. Not all worship software allows for easy exporting as text and every developers database is proprietary, so we can't easily interpret and transpose a competitor's data. This is why all songs must first be converted to a cross-platform plain text document. Some do help facilitate this, however, as outlined below.

Exporting from SongShow Plus:

  • LyricConverter is the best utility for converting SongShow Plus files into text or ProPresenter files.

Import into ProPresenter:

  • From the File menu, choose "Import Presentation"
  • Locate the .txt file
  • Choose "Import into Library" and select "Paragraph break"
  • Finish by clicking the Continue button and ProPresenter will import the file(s).
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