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How to create a looping playlist

Creating a looping playlist in ProVideoPlayer 2 is fairly easy, however, you can make it more advanced if you want. This article will cover creating a basic looping playlist that contains both images and video clips.

To begin, add all of your media to a new playlist. Select all of the cues by pressing Command-A so that they are outlined in blue. Right-click on any cue and select Playback Behavior and Next. This will set each cue in the playlist to automatically advance at the end of the cue to the next item. When the last cue finishes, it will advance to the first cue in the playlist.

If you are including any still images you will need to set the default duration for these cues. This is done in Preferences, which you can get to by clicking on the ProVideoPlayer menu and selecting Preferences or by pressing Command-comma. You can set the Image Duration to a single time for all images, or you can select the Random option and set a range of times to be used for still images. Videos all advance at the end of the cue or at the pre-defined Out point.

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