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Working with web cues in a presentation

We added the ability to display web pages directly on a slide in ProPresenter 6 as a slide cue. This solves quite a few "issues" that people had with displaying web pages within ProPresenter in previous versions. Rather than having a web page take over the entire page, you can now show it within a slide at any size, and if you are using the MultiScreen Module, Edge Blending Module, or an SDI output (SDI or Alpha Keyer module) you can also show web pages now. These modules don't work well with the Web browser feature of ProPresenter, so using Web objects on a slide solves that.

In the Editor, you will add a web page just like you would a text box. Click on the HTML icon at the top of the Editor to add the new web page object to your slide.

You can reseize the page to fit your screen as needed using the handle bars around the object. The web page will be cropped to fit the shape of the object, so you may need to try some different sizes to get the right fit. Changing the size of the box will also crop your page, so be sure to check that it is showing everything you need.

There is no way to interact with a web page added as a cue on a slide. If you need to interact with web pages, you will still need to use the main Web Browser that is built into the program.

In order to set the page you want to be shown, select the web page object on yoour slide, then click on the Image/Video Properties tab to the far right of the Editor. You can set the page you want shown as well as setting the refresh settings if you're showing a page that gets updated. If you are just showing a static page that doesn't change, then you can leave the Continuous Render and Refresh options alone.

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