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Why will my Mac not allow me to install a new Bible?

This issue only affects ProPresenter 4 and ProPresenter 5 users who have the default security settings enabled for OS X called Gatekeeper. This setting prevents any item that you don't download from the App Store or that doesn't have the proper security certificate from being installed. It is safe to install our Bibles, you just need to bypass Gatekeeper to do so.

There are two options for bypassing Gatekeeper. You can change the settings in System Preferences to easy the restrictions or you can manually bypass it for an individual file.

Disabling Gatekeeper in System Preferences

Open System Preferences and click on Security & Privacy. This image is from OS X 10.9 and might look different from earlier versions of OS X.

Once you have opened Security & Privacy, you may need to click on the lock in the lower left corner to allow you to change these settings. You will need an administrator account and password to make this change. If you are going to be installing multiple Bibles you will want to select the "Anywhere" option. You can change this setting back at any time.

Bypass Gatekeeper temporarily

After you downloaded the .dmg installer file for a Bible, open it up from your downloads folder. You will see the mounted disk image on your desktop, double-click to open it. In the disk image you will see the installer package. When you double-click this file you will see a warning like the one below that prevents you from installing the Bible.

Click OK to close this alert. If you right-click on the installer package icon and select "Open" you will be able to bypass this warning. The new warning looks similar to the one above, but now has an option to open the file. Click "Open" to finish installing the Bible for ProPresenter.

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