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How do I register ProPresenter?

ProPresenter registration information is unique to each version of ProPresenter. A code for ProPresenter 5 won't work in ProPresenter 6, and vice versa. When you purchase ProPresenter as an upgrade or a new license directly from us, you will be provided with the full unlock code. If you purchase through a third-party reseller, you will be provided with a code that you need to go activate on our website in order to get your full unlock code.

Let's start by taking a look at registering with a code purchased from our site directly. ProPresenter 6 has three code options: Single License, Campus License, and Seat License. Each license type has different limtiation for number of users or installations, and the codes are also unique.

First we'll go through the process of registering ProPresenter. This is the same regardless of which type of license you have. When you first open the program you will be shown a registration window like the one below. You can enter your license information here, purchase a new license, or enter the Demo version of ProPresenter. An important thing ot know is that the demo, trial, and registered versions of ProPresenter all all the same. The license, or lack of a license, is the only difference between these.

If you have your receipt open in your email or you've downloaded the PDF, we recommend copy/pasting the name and code rather than typing them. This will ensure that you enter them correctly. If you still have the receipt open on our website you can also copy and paste it from there. The "Registered To" field will be the registration name you used when purchasing your ProPresenter license. The "Unlock Code" is the 30-digit code you were provided. When you first enter the Unlock Code, you'll be able to see all 30 digits; the middle 20 digits will be obscurred for security purposes later.

A ProPresenter 6 code will start with an "L" or "Q" depending on the type of license. ProPresenter 5 codes all begin with "M", "W", or "S". If you use the wrong code, ProPresenter will show an error message. Verify that you are using the correct code.

ProPresenter Single Licenses can be installed on more than one computer (Mac OR Windows, not both), but can only be used live on one computer at a time. If your license is on more than one computer on your campus and open on multiple computers, only the first one will be able to presenter. If you were building your presentations in your office and left ProPresenter open, your presentation computer will be able to run ProPresenter, but it will have a watermark applied to the output until you close the other instance. This option works well for churches that need ProPresenter in multiple areas during the week, but never have overlapping needs.

A ProPresenter Campus license can be installed on multiple Macs AND Windows computers, and can be used on multiple computers at the same time. There is no limitation to this as long as all of the computers are being used on the same campus.

If you have purchased a ProPresenter 6 Seat License, which has a limited number of installations available, you can check how many installations you have remaining by clicking on the ProPresenter 6 menu and then selecting Registration. You will see your registration info and a line below the code telling you how many instatllations remain.

If you purchased ProPresenter through a third-party reseller, you need to go to our Product Registration page to redeem the code for your 30-digit ProPresenter unlock code. Instructions for activating this code are all shown on that page.

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