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How do I uninstall ProPresenter 6 from Windows?

The instructions below are for a full uninstallation of ProPresenter 6, including all user data and associated files. The steps listed will leave the Renewed Vision folders intact, ensuring you don't affect any previous versions of ProPresenter that you may be leaving installed. If ProPresenter 6 is the only version installed, you can delete the Renewed Vision directories as well.

If you are simply troubleshooting something, do not delete a particular file or folder, just rename the item so that it's in the same directory and easy to restore or delete later. You may also want to just create a new user account to test your issues in. ProPresenter is available to all users if you installed it in the default location, but all of the other data is maintained within each user account. Creating a new user account will give you a fresh set of data to test with, and saves you the trouble of going through all of the steps individually.

The Library, Support Files, and Media Repository locations can be accessed through ProPresenter 6 by opening Preferences and going to the General tab. You can click the magnifying glass next to each file path to jump right to the folder that you will need to delete. Other steps, such as deactiving Bibles and Modules, and unregistering ProPresenter 6, can all be done in the program as well. These are indicated with green text. However, if you can't open ProPresenter, simply copy the file path that is in red text from the instructions below to go the location in File Explorer (previously called Windows Explorer). You can leave %userprofile% in the file paths and it will take you to the correct location.


Location: In ProPresenter 6, open Bibles, click the gear icon, then select the Bibles tab.
Action: Click "Remove" next to each installed Purchased and Free Bible so that they will be available once you have reinstalled ProPresenter.

Location: C:\ProgramData\Renewed Vision\Bibles
Action: Delete the "Pro6" folder. You can also delete the entire \Bibles folder if no previous versions of ProPresenter are installed or you are removing everything.


Location: In ProPresenter 6, open Preferences and click the Modules tab.
Action: Click "Deactivate" next to each installed module so that you can activate it on another computer.

Registration Data

Location: In ProPresenter 6, click on the ProPresenter 6 menu and then on Registration.
Action: Click the Unregister button.

Location: C:\ProgramData\Renewed Vision\ProPresenter6
Action: Delete the ProPresenter6 folder 

Preferences (Located in the Application Data folder)

Location: In ProPresenter 6, open Preferences and go to the General tab.
Action: Click the Reset All Preferences button at the bottom of the window.


  • Only this User (default): C:\Users\%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\RenewedVision\ProPresenter6
  • All Users: C:\ProgramData\RenewedVision\ProPresenter6
  • Custom Path: Listed under Application Data in the General tab of Preferences

Action: Delete the Preferences folder or a specific Preference file within the folder.
Action: Delete the UISettings.pro6data file

Application Data


  • Only this User (default): C:\Users\%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\RenewedVision
  • All Users: C:\ProgramData\RenewedVision
  • Custom Path: Listed under Application Data in the General tab of Preferences

Action: Delete ProPresenter 6 folder.
Action: Delete the ProPresenter6.Setup file.

Media Repository


  • All Users (default): C:\ProgramData\Renewed Vision Media
  • Only this User: C:\Users\%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming
  • Custom Path: Listed under Media Repository in the General tab of Preferences

Action: Delete the Renewed Vision Media folder. You may prefer to move this folder to another location in order to maintain all of your media in the folder.



  • Default Location: C:\Users\%userprofile%\Documents
  • Custom Path: Listed under Library in the General tab of Preferences

Action: Delete the ProPresenter 6 folder.


Action: Launch the Start Menu or Start Screen and search for "Uninstall" and select the option to "Uninstall a program". Locate ProPresenter 6 in the list of installed programs and click Uninstall.

Registry Key

You want to delete this registry key if you are planning to reinstall ProPresenter 6 on this computer in order to reset some of the initial checks and settings.

Action: Search for "regedit" and launch the Registry Editor. Locate HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Renewed Vision\ProPresenter 6 by clicking through the path tree in the left column. (Each phrase between a slash is the next level of the tree.) Delete the ProPresenter 6 folder when you locate it. Do not delete anything else in the Registry Editor.


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