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Uninstalling HandBrake from ProPresenter for Mac

ProPresenter uses the HandBrakeCLI to make it easy for you to rip DVD clips from within ProPresenter. If you run into any issue with DVD ripping, you may need to uninstall HandBrakeCLI and reinstall it to fix these issues. Follow the steps below to remove HandBrakeCLI.

1. Close ProPresenter.

2. Open a new Finder window.

3. Within Finder, press Command-Shift-G to open the "Go to the folder" dialogue.

4. Enter /usr/local/bin in the text box and click Go.

5. Delete the HandBrakeCLI_010 file. The number may vary, but there should only be one entry for HandBrakeCLI. You will need to enter your administrator user name and password to delete this file.

6. Restart your Mac.

7. Open ProPresenter and reinstall HandBrakeCLI from the DVD Preferences (ProPresenter 5) or from the DVD player (ProPresenter 6).

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