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Displaying copyright information for a song

ProPresenter makes it easy for you to show any additional song information that you need. This could be the full copyright information, or simply the song title and artist, or the song number in your hymnal.

If you import songs from SongSelect, the copyright information is already filled in for you. Any songs you add manually will need to have this information filled out if you need to display it.

To access the copyright info, click on the blue info button to the right of the song title. Clicking this button will reveal the song information panel, which contains the copyright data as well as some other document settings.

The song shown in the example above was imported from SongSelect, so it already has all the standard copyright information filled out. The "Display Copyright" option is also checked by default. If you are editing this information, fill out the pieces that you need and be sure to check the "Display Copyright" option so that it will show up after you complete the next step. You can click the blue info button to close this information panel when you're done.

The next step will be to setup ProPresenter to actually display the copyright section on your slides and to build your template for the copyright info. To do this, click on the ProPresenter menu in the top left corner and select Preferences. Select the General tab. You will find the Copyright settings at the bottom of this window.

Check the box next to "Enable Copyright display" so that the information you entered in the information panel can be shown. There are four options for when you want to show the copyright information. The License number is your CCLI number if you have one for your church.

You can change which pieces of the copyright information are shown by clicking on the "CCLI Layout" button. This will open the window shown below. The column on the left are the pieces of information that will be shown. The column on the right are the ones that are available. To remove an item from the left, select it and press the delete key on your keyboard. To add an item to the left, select it and drag it from the column on the right.

The copyright template uses a single format for all of the information. By default, this template uses a small, white font that is left aligned. You can modify this to be any font, size, color, and position that you want by clicking on the Edit Template button. This will open the Template Editor you are already familiar with if you've edited anything in ProPresenter's Editor. You can put in some placeholder text in the Template Editor so that you can see what it will look like. After you've finished, click Done. Again, verify that you have the copyright settings enabled both in this spot and in the one shown above in the document information panel.

Any song that has copyright information filled out and the setting to show it selected will use the settings from Preferences. If any information is missing or the copyright isn't enabled on a document, nothing will be shown.

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