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Custom image transition time

ProVideoPlayer has a default image transition option available in Preferences. This will allow you to setup some basic options for image playlists. To access these settings, click on the ProVideoPlayer menu in the top left corner of your screen and select Preferences. You can set the image transitions under the General Settings section on this tab.

If you need to set a custom timing for individual images, you can do this through the Advanced Playback Behavior settings for individual cues. To access these settings, right-click on the image thumbnail, select the Playback Behavior menu, and then select Advanced.

Click on the options list and choose Loop for Time on the screen that opens next. The Loop Time supports HH:MM:SS. You can also enter five minutes as 5:00 or ten seconds at 10 and the time will update accordingly, for example. Choose Next for the Then behavior. Click Done when you're finished.

Images that have a timer will show a clock in the top right corner of the thumbnail so you can tell which images have been setup. When you click on the image, a timer will display just above the Workspace/Layer viewer showing you how long the image will be displayed for. This timer is not shown on images that don't have custom times.

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