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Creating and using an ad hoc network on a Mac

An ad hoc network is a network configuration that turns your Mac into the router, allowing you to bypass and test for potential network connection issues. This is especially useful for testing connection issues with any of our mobile apps for iOS or Android. You can connect any wi-fi enable device to this network. Keep in mind that this is an unsecured connection.

Setting up an ad hoc network is fairly easy to do. Follow the steps below to configure this on your Mac.

Click on the wi-fi icon in your toolbar, choose Create Network.


Give your network a name. You can use the default settings here unless you want to change them.


Open the wi-fi settings on your mobile device or other computer to connect to this network. It may take a few moments for the network to show up and to connect.

To disable the network, click on the wi-fi icon again on your Mac and change connections. You will have to recreate the ad hoc network any time you need to use it.

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