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Sending MIDI cues from ProPresenter

The ProPresenter MIDI Module (sold individually or as part of the Communications Module) allows you to send and receive MIDI note cues. This article is about sending MIDI to control an external device (hardware or software). For the purposes of this article, we are assuming that you already know how to configure Audio MIDI Setup on your Mac and the MIDI settings for your receiving device.

You will need to purchase and activate the MIDI Module to use this feature. You can also test it in Demo Mode.

Once the module is activated, you will need to add the MIDI Device. Click on the MIDI tab in Preferences then click on the Add Device... button in the bottom left corner. Select MIDI from the list.


After you've added the device, click the gear icon to configure the MIDI device for output. The only setting you should need to change here is selecting the correct Destination session. Click Save to close this window. Click Connect in the window shown above to enable MIDI.


Thre are two ways to add a MIDI cue to any slide, and they are both accessed by right-clicking on the slide. You can also open the Cue Pallet through the View menu or with Shift + Option + C. From the right-click menu, and mouse over Add Cue. Select MIDI Note On or MIDI Note Off to add the cue to your slide. You can also select Cue Pallet and then drag the Communications Cue item to the slide. Both options will get you to the same next step.


When you add the cue to your slide, you will be promted to select the note settings that you need to turn on or off. You can modify the cue at any time by right-clicking and selecting Edit Cue. Repeat this for as many cues as you need to assign to cues in ProPresenter.

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