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Scoreboard Output Preferences

Once you have installed Scoreboard and opened a Sport, you will need to adjust the output preferences in ProPresenter Scoreboard.

Click on the ProPresenter Scoreboard menu item in the top left corner or press Command + comma on your keyboard. Click the Display tab in Preferences.

If your computer is properly connected to the external display, you should see two screens indicated here. The one with the white bar across the top is the computer screen. If the word Output is not positioned on the second screen, click on the word and drag it to the second screen.

The order of the two displays reflects the Arrangement layout in System Preferences and the screens can’t be repositioned within ProPresenter. This only affects the direction you move your mouse to reach the second screen.

At the bottom of the window, manually enter the resolution of your scoreboard. In the example shown on the previous page, the actual resolution of the second output is much larger than the scoreboard’s resolution, so the Output screen is indicated by a smaller box, but shown relative to the actual resolution.

If you are using an LED scoreboard, you will most likely need to select the arrow to position your screen in the upper left corner. This may vary depending on your setup and the hardware you are using.

We recommend selecting the Display at Top Most Window Layer and Show Output at Launch options. This will prevent any other screens or the mouse from showing on the scoreboard screen and it will ensure your scoreboard turns on immediately when the program opens.

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