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Baseball Scoreboard Controls

The Baseball scoreboard starts with nine innings. If your game goes into extra innings, the program will automatically add the innings for you. As you add more than nine innings, the early innings will disappear off of the scoreboard. Scoreboard can only show a maximum of nine innings at the same time.

Team names can be replaced by updating the Visitor and Home labels. This will also update the names next to the current At Bat buttons.

Selecting the At Bat team will change which team the scoring controls change. If the home team is selected, then balls, strikes, out, hits, and runs, as well as the inning score count, will be updated. Errors will apply to the away team.

The New Batter button will reset the ball and strike count.

You can also click on any number and manually type in the new value. For example, if there is a grand slam during an inning, instead of clicking the run button four times, you could click in the score box for the inning and type ‘4’, then press return on your keyboard, to have it show up immediately.

If you are playing a game with fewer than nine innings, or have a small scoreboard and can’t fit that many inning boxes, you can click on the pen icon in the upper left corner of the scoreboard and then update the Visible Innings option on the Scoreboard Editor screen.

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