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Scoreboard Macros

Macros are used to show content that you want to replace the scoreboard. You can use videos or still images here. The most common usage of a Macro would be for things like a flag for the national anthem, graphics to introduce players, or game animations. You can use Macros to display any media that you want to be shown full-screen on your scoreboard display.

Adding media to a Macro is easy. Find the file you want to use in Finder and drop it onto the Macro box. You can also rename the Macro to make it easy to know what will play and you can lock it to prevent changes.

You can also add a live video input as a Macro; right-click on the Macro to add Live Video.

Macros will show a thumbnail of the media after you have added the cue to it.

After you have added media to Macros, close the Scoreboard Editor. You will see the Macros lined up at the bottom of the Scoreboard screen. Click any Macro to play the media cue. When a Macro is playing, it will look liked a pressed button. It also toggles the scoreboard off, so click the Scoreboard Off button to turn the Scoreboard back on and to clear the Macro.

To delete a Macro, return to the Scoreboard Editor, select the Macro, and press the delete key on your keyboard.

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