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Scoreboard Advertisements

ProPresenter Scoreboard makes it easy for you to place ads on your Scoreboard and increase revenue.

You will need to create one ore more ad zones for the ads to be shown in. To get started, click on the

Zone Editor button on the Scoreboard Editor. You will see a window similar to the one shown below.

Click the + Zone button at the bottom to create a new zone. Select the zone and change the name. You can also change the color of it so that you can identify ad zones by color if you have more than one. If you know the exact location for the ad zone, you can enter the size and position manually. You can also drag and resize the zone directly in the window on the right. Click the visibility icon to the right of the zone name to show or hide an ad zone in the Zone Editor. Click a zone name and press the delete key on your keyboard to delete a zone. Make a note of the size of your zone(s) and close the Zone Editor. Advertisements can be still images or short videos. If you use videos, you will want to make sure that the Display Duration time is the same length as the video, otherwise it will be cut short. We also recommend making the ad media the same size or aspect ratio as the ad zone so that no scaling has to be done. This also prevents the ad content from becoming distorted. Ads need to be located in the same folder on your computer, but you can have multiple ad folders linked to the program. To add a folder of ads, click the plus button below the Advertisements section and select the folder in Finder. This will add the folder to the list. Once you have the folder in the list, click the dropdown menu and select which zone to show the ad in. You can also change the duration for the ads. This is a global setting and cannot be set individual for each ad. You will need to click the Scoreboard On/Off button to toggle the scoreboard to get the ads to show. As of the current version (build 14248), there is no refresh or update option for ads. There is also not a way to clear the ads. We are looking into options for both of these and will update this manual once they are available.

The Ad Report will give you a table with information on which ads were shown, and how many times they were shown. You an use this information for billing or for promoting your ad space to new advertisers. The ad report is broken down by day so that you can see exactly what was shown on which day, home many times, and for how long. You can print this information directly or export it to a spreadsheet.

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