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Remote Scoreboard

Soccer, Lacrosse, and Football all have a remote control option for the scoreboard. The remote is a web interface that replicates the main control surface from the program on any computer or tablet/phone that is on the same network. The remote interface works best in Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer on a desktop. Standard mobile browsers should also work.

To enable the remote control interface, you will first need to enable the network connection in Preferences. Click on the ProPresenter-Scoreboard menu in the top left corner, and then select Preferences from the menu. Click on the Network tab. Check the box next to Enable Network. You shouldn’t need to do anything else here. The Network Name and port will be populated automatically. The only reason you might need to change the port number is if your IT department has to open a specific port for you to connect through. If that is the case, you will need to get the port number from then, then enter that in the box. Close Preferences after you have enabled the network.

Click on the Remote button in the bottom-right corner of the program on the scoreboard control screen to launch the remote in your default browser. You will need to share the address from your browser with the person who will be connecting remotely. The remote scoreboard interface works the same as the interface in the program, so there is nothing new to learn.

We recommend only using the remote connection on a dedicated and secured network to ensure your connection is as stable as possible.

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