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Using NDI output with ProPresenter 6

NewTek, makers of TriCaster, launched a new video standard called Network Device Interface (NDI) in late 2015. Beginning in May 2016, ProPresenter 6 supports outputting to NDI. The goal of NDI is to simplify video workflows by allowing devices to communicate and send frame-accurate video and audio over standard network cables. For more information, take a look at NetTek's press release and website.

NDI support ships as part of the SDI/NDI Module, formerly called SDI Module, in ProPresenter 6. It is also included as part of the Alpha Keyer Module. If you have already purchased either of these modules for ProPresenter 6 you will have the NDI option. NDI is included starting with ProPresenter 6.0.20 for Mac and ProPresenter for Windows.

The NDI output will replace an SDI output; the two cannot be used simultaneously. Currently NDI only supports a single output stream, so it doesn't replace the functionality of the Alpha Keyer Module. You can still use a DVI/VGA/HDMI output as long as it is the same resolution. (For example you can't output 1024x768 for a standard output and 1080 for NDI.) As with the SDI module, NDI cannot be used for Stage Display.


Enabling NDI in ProPresenter is simple. Open ProPresenter 6's Preferences, then select the HD-SDI tab. Select NDI 1 from the Device list and select your resolution in the Mode list. The Mode will need to match your Display resolution and your TriCaster resolution. If your image doesn't fit the TriCaster output, verify that the output settings in ProPresenter match what your TriCaster is expecting to receive.

In the example image above, you would also need to set your ProPresenter output to 1920x1080 and set the TriCaster to receive 1080i/59.94.

Configuring your TriCaster is also fairly simple, although you might have to reselect some of the settings a couple of times to get it to detect ProPresenter initially.

The NDI input will need to be assigned to one of the Network inputs. Double-click the NET 1 input, or click the gear icon next to the name, to open the Input Settings. Select Pro6NDIVideo for the connection. You shouldn't need to change any other settings. If your TriCaster doesn't see the signal from ProPresenter, try Disabling the Connection and then reselecting in. In our testing, it has required reselecting the option a few times for it to connect. Once it is connected, it should stay available, even when you quit ProPresenter. Once the TriCaster is receiving the NDI stream from ProPresenter, you can treat it like any other input.

If you are using multiple instances of ProPresenter, you will see the same device names for each computer. We are currently not able to offer unique device names for the NDI output.

Audio is also currently routed through NDI to the TriCaster, so you will need to connect your TriCaster to your sound system if it is not already connected.

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