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Why does my Chord Chart show a sidebar in Windows 10

Chord Charts can be added to a slide or a document in order to display them on your stage display. When they are shown on the stage display they should look like the picture below.


However, on ProPresenter 6 for Windows, the Chord Chart can sometimes display along with the sidebar from the Adobe Acrobat Reader. When this happens it looks like the picture below.



ProPresenter 6 uses the Adobe Acrobat Reader to import the Chord Chart PDF file into ProPresenter. As a result you need to make sure that your Adobe Acrobat Reader Settings are set to not show the sidebar on your stage display.

Here are the steps for fixing this issue:

1. Remove the Chord Chart from the slide or document and close ProPresenter

2. Open the PDF file in the Adobe Acrobat Reader

3. Close the Sidebar

4. Go to Edit -> Preferences

5. Under the "Documents" category in the Preferences window, make sure that the "Remember current state of Tools Pane" option is checked.

6. Close Adobe Acrobat Reader and relaunch ProPresenter.

7. Add the Chord Chart back to the slide or document.


You can now display the Chord Chart on your stage display without the sidebar showing. 

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