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Info on ProPresenter and QuickTime and the recommendation to remove QuickTime

If you've been keeping up with any tech news over the last few days you've likely seen a number of articles suggesting you immediately remove QuickTime. Computer security company Trend Micro has reported that Apple is ending support for QuickTime for Windows despite there being some known vulnerabilities in QuickTime. These vulnerabilities have been known for a while and Trend Micro has reported that they've seen no evidence of these vulnerabilities being exploited. Both vulernabilities require a user to visit an infected site and/or install an infected file, but again, it doesn't appear that either of these vulnerabilities are being exploited. As of the published date of this article QuickTime is still available for download from Apple and there is no official statement from Apple available. Apple has updated their support article about QuickTime indicating that it is no longer being updated.

If you are using ProPresenter 6 then you no longer need QuickTime. We rebuilt our render engine to be fully self-contained and not rely on third-party software like QuickTime. If you are still using ProPresenter 4 or ProPresenter 5 then you need QuickTime to be installed on your computer for ProPresenter to function correctly. You can upgrade to ProPresenter 6 at any time, although discounts for ProPresenter 4 users to upgrade are no longer available.

Keep in mind that many other programs such as After Effects for Windows also rely on QuickTime to run correctly. If you choose to uninstall QuickTime verify that you aren't running any programs that need it to be installed to work correctly.

If you want to uninstall QuickTime, here is the link to Apple's official instructions.

ProPresenter 4 and ProPresenter 5 may not work properly without QuickTime being installed on your computer. Both of thse versions will still be able to play WMV or MPEG videos, but they will not be able to play QuickTime files (MOV or MP4). If you want to uninstall QuickTime, you can replace it with the free QuickTime Alternative. Click here to go directly to the download page for QuickTime Alternative. You wll want to use the first link to download QuickTime Alternative 3.2.2. You may see some warnings or alerts about the download, but is a safe site. Click through the installer until you get to the Select Compontents screen. You do not need to check the box for Media Player Classic. The default Normal option will work. Click through the remaining screens without changing anything. After QuickTime Alternative is installed, click Finish on the final screen. You should now be able to use QuickTime videos in ProPresenter 4 and ProPresenter 5. This has only been verified to work with Windows 7. If you are using Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, we recommend keeping QuickTime or upgrading to ProPresenter 6.

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