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Windows 10 Creator Update

As more and more users are updating to the Windows 10 Creator Update, we wanted to share some information on troubleshooting any issues you may see...

If you are having issues in ProPresenter 6, our first troubleshooting step would be to manually download and install the latest video card drivers for your device. You can find more information here.  Many users are reporting an issue where Pro6 will report an error with OpenCL and not be able to open.  We would recommend you go to your video card manufacturer's website and install the latest drivers from there directly. We have seen where Device Manager will show that you are up to date, even though you are not actually up to date.  Once the updated video card drivers are installed, Pro6 should open as expected.  

If you are still having issues with Pro6, please e-mail our Support team.  


We have found that ProPresenter 5 has a known issue where it will not install correctly under the Windows 10 Creator Update (Version 1703 and later). Current installs of ProPresenter 5 are not showing any issues, however new installs (or re-installs) will not process correctly which keeps the program from installing.

At this time we are marking ProPresenter 5 as supported through the previous version of Windows 10 (Anniversary Update, 10.0.1607, build 14393), and it won't be supported in the current or future versions of Windows.


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