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Compatibility with High Sierra

ProPresenter 6: Fully supported as of ProPresenter 6.2.9.

ProPresenter 5: We highly recommend against installing High Sierra if you are running ProPresenter 5 or before. There have been many reports of Pro5 crashing on High Sierra at launch. ProPresenter 5 will not be updated to support High Sierra; the latest operating system that ProPresenter 5 is supported on is 10.10.5 (Yosemite). See this article for the minimum requirements for previous versions of ProPresenter.

PVP 3: PVP3 is fully supported on High Sierra.

PVP 2 and prior: Neither PVP 1 nor PVP 2 will be supported on High Sierra.

PVS: PVS currently is not currently supported on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra); however, we are still evaluating adding support for 10.13 for this application. For now, we recommend using OS X 10.10 to macOS 10.12 for this application.


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