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Compatibility with High Sierra

We are looking into compatibility between our software and High Sierra, however we have not completed this testing and therefore are not recommending updating any mission critical machines until testing is completed. Furthermore, there are many third party devices such as Blackmagic, Matrox, and USB adapters whose drivers will not be immediately supported or updated.

See each section below for updates on our specific products.

ProPresenter 6: Fully supported as of ProPresenter 6.2.9.

ProPresenter 5: Some users are reporting that ProPresenter 5 cannot be opened on High Sierra, but other users are not having this issue. We highly recommend against installing High Sierra if you are running ProPresenter 5 or before. ProPresenter 5 will not be updated to support High Sierra; the latest operating system that ProPresenter 5 is supported on is 10.10.5 (Yosemite). See this article for the minimum requirements for previous versions of ProPresenter.

PVP 3: PVP3 is fully supported on High Sierra.

PVP 2 and prior: Neither PVP 1 nor PVP 2 will be certified for High Sierra.


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