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Windows 10 Fall 2017 Creator's Update Known Issues

It has come to our attention that Microsoft has added a new feature to Windows 10 via the Fall Creator's Update, that may affect the function of ProPresenter 6 on Windows 10.

The new feature is found in Windows Defender, and it is called "Controlled Folder Access". Windows 10 decides which applications are "friendly", and which it decides are "unfriendly". Currently, ProPresenter 6 and a few of it's associated underlying programs are "unfriendly". We assure you the app is safe, and we are working to make a few changes on our end so that Windows does not see our application as a threat. As such, Windows Defender protects a handful of folders, including the Documents folder (default location of the ProPresenter 6 library) from being written to. This can cause a hand full of problems with some basic functions of ProPresenter, like import and export of documents, SongSelect Imports, and also editing slides through the Editor, Quick Edit, or Reflow Editor.

We know of two separate ways to resolve this issue, and have outlined them extensively in this Knowledge Base article.

We have discovered the following list of issues to exist with this function enabled:
1. ProPresenter setup.exe cannot add a shortcut to the desktop
2. Shows "Unable to access file or path" for document that is visible at start up of app
3. You cannot create a new document ("New" on the control bar, File>New from the menu, or +>New Document from the bottom of the program)
4. You cannot create new folder on desktop/documents/etc from file picker for local sync options
5. You cannot sync documents in a local sync to anywhere on desktop/documents/etc Even if you've created the folder outside of Pro
6. You CAN do a local sync to a location that is NOT one of the protected file paths, and documents do copy correctly
7. Cloud sync does not work
8. You cannot import a document, bundle, etc from the desktop or other included folders into the program.
9. You cannot export a document, bundle, etc to any of the folders named below.
10. You cannot import a document from SongSelect (all other functions of SongSelect work up to that point)
11. You cannot import a document from any location (as it cannot write to the library folder)
12. You get an "Unable to access ..." message constantly when attempting to use the editor and changes are not saved.
13. Quick Edit appears to work, however the "Unable to access ..." message still appears, and changes are not actually saved upon closing the program.
14. Reflow changes are NOT saved. Each time you select "Insert slide break" the unable to access message appears, and upon exiting the program, changes are not saved.

The folders that by default are protected are both the User and Shared:

Again, there are two current resolutions to this issue, and we have outlined both avenues of resolving the matter here.

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