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macOS 10.13.4 USB Adapter Issue

Attention macOS users that use USB Display adaptors:

Do NOT upgrade to MacOS 10.13.4 at this time if you use a USB Display Adaptor (usually used for Stage Display outputs in ProPresenter). DisplayLink, the company that makes the drivers that are used in the vast majority of the USB display adaptors that are made, released the following this morning:

"We have become aware that installing macOS release Version 10.13.4 will cause DisplayLink connected displays to go blank after the OS upgrade, with the current DisplayLink driver [4.1] installed. Functionality such as Ethernet and audio, where implemented, is unaffected. We have alerted Apple to this issue and are working hard to find a resolution. These features continue to work as expected in 10.13.3”

Note that this is NOT a ProPresenter issue, but rather an issue with the driver that works with the USB adaptors.


DisplayLink has released an updated version of their drivers (4.3 Beta 4) that includes a workaround to get their USB adapters working again. We have tested this on our systems and have received mixed results; because of this (and because their release is still in beta) we cannot officially recommend this workaround for all of our users.

That having been said, if you have already updated to 10.13.4 and are in need of a solution, then you can try this workaround to see if it works on your system. You can find the instructions for doing so here.

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