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How do I add multiple Libraries to ProPresenter?

ProPresenter supports having multiple Libraries. This can be useful if you have multiple groups sharing one computer and you don't want to get all of your Library files mixed together. Say you want your Youth Group to share the computer with Sunday Morning Worship but their songs are formatted differently. No problem, just create a sparate Library for each of them!

When you first install ProPresenter you have a single Library folder called "Default" configured. This folder is located in your documents folder and is called "ProPresenter #" ("#" being the version of ProPresenter you are running). You can give new Libraries any name you prefer.

To add additional Libraries open ProPresenter's Preferences (click "ProPresenter" in the top left and select Preferences) and go to the General tab. At the top you will see a menu labeled "Library Folder" and "Default" will be selected. Click on this menu and select "Manage Library..." to add new Libraries.

Add New Library

From the next window that opens, click on the plus (+) button and browse to the new folder you want to add as a Library. This needs to be an empty folder, or a folder that only contains ProPresenter Library files in it. After you have selected your new folder you will see it in the list. You can repeat this if you need to add multiple Libraries, or select the Library you want to make active and click Save.

Library Folders

You can easily switch between Libraries by clicking on the File menu in the toolbar and choosing your Library from the "Select Library" menu. You can also click on "Manage Library" to get to the above step without having to open Preferences.

Each Library will have its own unique files and playlists, but your Video/Image Bin and Audio Bin are independent from this, so they will be the same regardless of which Library is selected.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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