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How do I use Bibles in ProPresenter 4 or ProPresenter 5?

Once you have installed your Bible translation(s) you can access it from within ProPresenter. To use Bibles in ProPresenter, click on the Bibles button in the toolbar or from the View menu.

Bible module options

When the module opens you will see these settings at the top of the window. This set of options allows you to select the translation you want to use, search for a chapter of the Bible, search for a passage, or search by keyword. You can also change the template that is used for the Bible passage and how you want the verses displayed.

In ProPresenter 5 you can create a template for Bibles that has custom formatting for the reference and the text, but in ProPresenter the same font settings are used for both in a single text box.

Once you have found the passage that you want to use, you have a few options. If you are searching for verses on the fly, you can just click on the thumbnails to send them to the screen. Slides within the Bible module are treated just like regular presentation slides except you can't directly edit the slides.

In ProPresenter 5 you have the option of creating a new presentation from the passage or adding the verses to the currently selected presentation. To use these options, click the button in the lower left corner of the Bible module and select the option you want. The Verse buttons in the lower middle of the Bible module add additional verses before or after the selected passage.

Bible Document Options


In ProPresenter 4 you are only able to create a new presentation from the selected passage. Click the "Create Presentation" button to make a new document in the library and use the two verse buttons to add extra verses if needed.

Pro4 Bible Document Properties

Choose files or drag and drop files
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