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Why does the ProPresenter icon bounce in the Dock and then close?

If ProPresenter does not open and the icon just bounces in the Dock, this generally means you have an older version of the program installed on a version of OS X that does not support it. The first thing to do is visit our website and download the latest version of ProPresenter. Verify that you are downloading the proper version of ProPresenter. Links for ProPresenter 3 and ProPresenter 4 are available at the bottom of the page. When you manually install ProPresenter, you are only updating the application; this will not change your user data files.

If this does not work, visit our user forums and locate the Troubleshooting Instructions for your version of ProPresenter. Each program has its own category with a sticky post at the top with Troubleshooting Instructions. Follow the steps to see if you can gain access to the program again. If you are still unable to do this or need additional assistance with this part, let us know.

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