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How do I install ProPresenter on my Mac?

ProPresenter is a download-only software. If the computer you will be running ProPresenter on doesn't have a decent Internet connection, you can download the program's installer file on any computer (Mac or Windows) and move it to the computer that will have ProPresenter installed on it. You will need an internet connection to register the program.

To download ProPresenter, mouse over the Download menu at the top of the page and click on ProPresenter. You can also click this link to go straight to the page. The link will open in a new page.

The current Mac version is ProPresenter 6. To download this version, click the download link on the page. This version will always be the newest publicly released version, so if you need to update ProPresenter 6 on a computer without an internet connection, just download it form here and install it over your current version.

If you need an earlier version of ProPresenter, scroll to the bottom of the page to the download archives section. Click the version number on the left to download the one you need.

Once you have finished downloading the installation disk image, open it from your browser's downloads list or from the Downloads folder in Finder. You will need to agree to the License information before you can continue installing ProPresenter.

If you are looking for the installer in your Downloads folder, it will look similar to one of the images below. The left is from the Thumbnail View and the right is from the List View in Finder.

When you see the window with the ProPresenter logo, you are ready to install the program. Drag the ProPresenter icon to the Applications folder to install ProPresenter 6. This is the recommended location so that it's available for all user accounts on the computer, but you can install it anywhere else on the computer if you need to.

After you have installed ProPresenter, press Command-E to eject the disk image. Open Finder and go to your Applications folder to open ProPresenter 6. If you have an earlier version of ProPresenter installed, you will still see it in your Applications folder. Each version of ProPresenter is a new and unique application.

The first time you open the program you will likely be prompted to confirm you want to open the program, which you do.

Once the program is open, right-click or Command-click on the icon in your Dock, select Options and Keep in Dock if you want the program to be readily available from the Dock.

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