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How do I add or remove icons from the toolbar?

By default, ProPresenter includes the most commonly used features in the toolbar. However, there are some features you may not need that you want to remove from the toolbar, or others that you may want to include that aren't already, or you may just want to change the arrangement. To change the toolbar, you can right-click anywhere on the toolbar, or go to the View menu at the top and select Customize Toolbar.

Once the list of icons is shown, you can click and drag icons in and out of the toolbar, and change the arrangement of the icons. If you ever want to restore the default layout, open this window and drag the row of icons from the bottom to the toolbar. This will automatically restore the layout of the toolber.

You can choose to have the just the icons, the icons and text, or just the text showing, depending on your personal preference. You can also change the size of the icons.

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