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How do I rip DVD clips with ProPresenter 5?

If you are using ProPresenter 5 you also have the option to rip the DVD clip to your hard drive for local playback rather than relying on DVD media. You will need to install the HandBrakeCLI first in order to use this function. This can be installed by opening the DVD Preferences in ProPresenter.

DVD Preferences

The HandBrakeCLI is essentially the backbone of the full version of HandBrake. This is the part that can be used by other programs for similar functionality. You may also want to install VLC for Mac for additional DVD support.

If you are using OS X Mountain Lion, then you will need to install an additional component to enable ripping encrypted DVDs. You will need to download libdvdcss.pkg from here.

Due to Mountain Lion's Gatekeeper utility, you may need to right-click on the file and select 'Open' after downloading it. Since this is a Package file, it will run the standard OS X installer. You may need an Administrator password to complete the installation.

There are no additional installations required for the Windows version of ProPresenter 5. However, if you are using Windows 8, you will need to have Windows 8 Pro with Media Center installed to use the DVD feature.

Ripping a DVD clip is the same process as saving a clip, except you click on the Rip button instead of Save. When you set the Start and End points of a DVD clip, the entire chapter of the point is also ripped, so if you have a clip that starts in one chapter, spand the entirity of the next chapter, and ends in a third chapter, all three chapters will be ripped. The Start and End points are marked on the video file within ProPresenter so that the clip starts where you want it to, but you can also adjust the points if you want to use more or less of the clip. This process may take several minutes to complete depending on how long the clip is you have selected.

DVD clip example


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