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What kind of video card do I need for ProPresenter for Windows?

ProPresenter requires a dedicated video card in your computer in order to have enough graphics processing power to handle videos well. Many computers are designed for home and office and only ship with an Intel HD video card. These are not supported nor do we recommend using them. You want to look for a computer that has a dedicated video card. These will either be NVIDIA or AMD/Radeon video cards. Some laptops include switchable graphics, with an Intel card plus a dedicated card. If possible, try to avoid these laptops as well as the switching technology is not very good and doesn't always work properly with ProPresenter.

Understanding video card model numbers

For the most part this is kind of like how car manufacturers randomly number models of their cars because of the better sound system and included floor mats. 

NVIDIA model numbers are generally three or four numbers and some letters. The guide below will help you decypher their model numbers.

1st number = generation
2nd/3rd number = tier and power within the generation. Higher is better.
GS = lowest
GSO = lower
GT = semi-gaming, regular/high tier
GTS = gaming, slightly better than GT
GTX = gaming, delineates highest end

AMD Radeon HD cards use a similar system. Most of these cards use a 4-digit naming convention for the first three numbers. Higher equals better, especialy of the second and third number. 



AMD Radeon HD 5570/6670 or higher

Not Recommended

NVIDIA NVS or Quadro series cards

ATI FireGL/FirePro cards

AMD Radeon R-series card

Intel(R) HD Graphics Family

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